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Suomen Kultareservi approached me with the aim to enhance their SEO. The owner, passionate about his business, had single-handedly constructed the site and penned down insightful content about gold. However, the website grappled with issues stemming from a technically deficient platform and content cannibalization.

In response, I joined forces with a developer who introduced a refreshed design and enhanced the technical aspects of SEO. Concurrently, I took it upon myself to audit the content. The site wasn’t in need of additional content. The primary focus was on optimizing the existing content and appropriately addressing the pieces that were overshadowing the main content.

Given the pre-existing good traffic and decent rankings, I was optimistic about making a positive difference by rectifying the technical and content-based issues.

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 09.10.10

A month post the launch of the revamped site, the outcomes surpassed my expectations:

  • Clicks increased by 78%
  • Impressions rose by 66%
  • CTR improved by 5.41%
  • Average position ascended by 5%

The sole challenge was the inability to draw a comparison between the conversion rates of the new and old sites, as the latter lacked conversion tracking. Nevertheless, the client was elated with the results and opted to retain our services on a monthly retainer.

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