I started my own YouTube Channel - Invest with Antti


I have been thinking about starting my own YouTube channel for a few years. After getting myself a powerhouse PC, I finally had a piece of decent equipment to create video content. The channel is called Invest With Antti.
I want to create content around the topics I’m interested in:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Igaming industry
  • Investing
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Stocks
    • Real-estate
  • SEO

Basically, the topics that I do for a living. See, in the last two years, I have really put a lot of effort into learning how to make money work for me. I have read a plethora of books, listened to podcasts and watched educational content. There’s no intention of making money with the channel or becoming a full-time creator. It’s more of a fun little side project to discuss the topics I’m interested in and learn YouTube how to use YouTube as a creator.

Below you can find one of my videos.
Feel free to subscribe to my channel 🙂

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